Tangereene magazine is passionately committed to inclusion and diversity, exploring fashion through the lens of multiple perspectives. Our vision is of every child seeing themselves, their community, and their friends authentically reflected within our pages.

While the heart of Tangereene is our love of fashion, our editorial content is more than just pretty faces wearing the latest trends. We are set apart by depth and nuance that inspires conversation and connection to the greater world. We feature young artists, change-makers and movers and shakers from all types of backgrounds meant to inspire kids to be the best version of themselves.


We are primarily aimed at young people aged 10 – 16 years old and their parents. The magazine also appeals to younger children, incorporating sophisticated topics in kid-friendly, easily digestible ways that take into account short attention spans, competing priorities, and the packed schedules of modern youths.


Fashion inspires kids and adults alike — as we craft an image of ourselves outwardly, it is a projection into the world of our values and aspirations. At its best, fashion is the servant of self-expression, confidence, and poise. However, Tangereene magazine goes even beyond this to spark discussion and debate about what it means to be a young person in a multi-cultural, digital, and global society — and the challenges this generation will be tackling head-on, from the plastic crisis and runaway consumerism to equality and human rights.


Tangerine Magazine has been featured in WGSN on numerous occasions, CWB Magazine and Alegre Media Blog.