We Are Gen Z by Meg Stacker King: Meet Summer Rose

Childhood in the world of 2021 – A photo series.

The youth are the future and they are showing up and speaking up for all to hear! This project is one filled with awe for the strength and wisdom that our youth hold and to recognise the power that they possess as they experience and adapt to all that is happening in this world. As if being a kid isn’t challenging enough without all of the current events to take things up a thousand notches!

Sharing our stories reminds us that we are not alone, our community encourages us and uplifts us, this is a way for young people near and far to share their voice and perspectives with each other and the world.We Are Gen Z: Meet Summer Rose

We Are Gen Z: Meet Summer RoseWe Are Gen Z: Meet Summer Rose

We Are Gen Z: Meet Summer Rose

We Are Gen Z: Meet Summer RoseName: Summer Rose Gibson

Agent: Kids London

Age: 14 years old.

Location: SE England, UK

Hobbies: Horseriding, fashion and I love animals

What I’ve learned is, Love yourself!

Never try to be something you not to please others or fit in! Just be you! Being someone you are not is mentally draining and benefits no one, causes negativity and makes you doubt yourself. Everyone is different and it’s important to be you! When you realise that you attract good people in your life and can be truly happy! Look in the mirror and like what you see! Summer xx


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We Are Gen Z is in collaboration with Meg Stacker-King.  You can keep up to date with Meg on Instagram @MegStackerKing.  

View Meg’s photography work on her website.


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