We Are Gen Z: Meet Dj’s Amira and Kayla

Childhood in the world of 2020 – A photo series.

The youth are the future and they are showing up and speaking up for all to hear! This project is one filled with awe for the strength and wisdom that our youth hold and to recognize the power that they possess as they experience and adapt to all that is happening in this world. As if being a kid isn’t challenging enough without all of the current events to take things up a thousand notches!

Sharing our stories reminds us that we are not alone, our community encourages us and uplifts us, this is a way for young people near and far to share their voice and perspectives with each other and the world.

We Are Gen Z is a regular feature on the NEW Tangereene website and in our magazine, in collaboration with photographer Meg Stacker-King.

We Are Gen Z: Meet Dj's Amira and Kayla

We Are Gen Z: Meet Dj's Amira and Kayla

We Are Gen Z: Meet Dj's Amira and Kayla

We Are Gen Z: Meet Dj's Amira and Kayla

We Are Gen Z: Meet Dj's Amira and Kayla

Name: Amira & Kayla Wells

Age: 14

Grade: 8th

Location: New Jersey

Passion: Music, Art, Technology, Fashion

Lock-down: We spent our time during lock-down primarily focusing on school, sharpening our DJ skills, and deejaying on-line.

Upcoming Events: We have several upcoming events on-line and special projects that we can’t announce yet. Follow us on Instagram @djsamiraandkayla to stay updated.




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In collaboration with Meg Stacker-King.  You can keep up to date with Meg on Instagram @MegStackerKing.

View Megs photography work here.




View further posts featuring Amira & Kayla, on the Junior Style London website.








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